You’re Never Alone if You’re Schizophrenic

 At least that’s what they, whoever they are who say these things, use to say. Now modern medicine, an oxymoron if ever there was one, has, hmm, refined the term into multiple personality disorder. Not sure what disorder means as it sounds like something one might do at a restaurant when he no longer wants the veal picatta cause they’ve got something against stunted cows. Big cows with a shot to the brain- fine. But not gonna eat no half legged cow. But, I digress, or at least one of me does. Oh, yeah, that’s where this was going.

Trying to explain what’s going to be going on here. Already being besieged with questions as to why I’m here and what’s going to go on. That’s where the nouveau medicine comes in. This site is going to feature three distinct types of musing, raving, ranting, thinking, and whatever else based on the three distinct personalities of its creator that have been diagnosed so far.

First and foremost is Jersey Joe. I’ve always been JJ, whether I realized it or not. JJ’s been inside of me from the get go, and is who has kept this part of me sane, debatable, all these years. He got me thru childhood, four years of university, thirty five years of teaching, forty years and counting of marriage, and will likely keep me going long after all the assholes who piss me off are gone. He is the Invisible Man who stands politely steaming at a counter while the people behind it serve everyone else in sight but him.  He is constantly amazed at the utter stupidity of, well, just about everyone and anything, present readers excepted of course. He is the anger burning within when he goes to his branch of the bank, a bank he has been with since the mid-1970’s only to be accused of being someone else entirely and to have not one of the employees there admit to knowing him. He is me. He can be found at the original Jersey’s Journal.

Second is Tyrunn, Tyrunn the Troubadour, the performer. Tryunn started to emerge when I was seventeen and had never so much as touched a musical instrument. But there was this girl I was in love with and she loved . . . . her guitar.  So, to win her hand I borrowed her other guitar and started to play. Unfortunately neither the girl nor that guitar made it. She ran off with a garage mechanic, and that guitar met its end during a peanut butter fight in a dorm room. But, it got me started on the road to fame and fortune, er, ah, make that heartbreak and disappointment, as a singer song writer. It led to a career of performing at some of the finer backyards and basements that I have lived in. To date, Tyrunn has written around 90 original songs, has one CD and many ‘basement tapes.’ He performed regularly at Joe’s Cafe and Joe’s Deck. He can be listened to at TYRUNN

Finally, and least well known, is The Writer. Since I was in the fourth grade, Mrs. Offener’s class, I have been writing. No she did not inspire me, she bored me to tears so to amuse myself I wrote stuff. Suicide notes at first, then murder stories in which a naggy female teacher who liked to humiliate young kids died some horrible death. Unfortunately it would have been obvious to all from the start ‘who done it,’ so I just kept writing. Note the word writing, not finishing, just writing. In the seventh grade I penned the Handbook of the Villains, Thieve and Scoundrels, Union, and began The Hackworth Mystery Series. After my mother destroyed both manuscripts, I decided to take a break from writing and plan an escape from home, but that would take another nine years. But from something I wrote back then came the spark for a novel. Not all sparks lead to flames, however, so that novel never got fired up. Just a few sticks rubbed together over the years. And, there were some other fires which started to burn, but flamed out as well. The Writer will offer snippets of such works as Duffy’s Not Here, a year in the lives of teachers at THE [The HighSchool Experience, a fictional school in the Montreal area]; The Adventures of Sebastian, a fantasy novel; and Old Teachers Never Die, taking one of the characters from Duffy and following his adventures Retirement Road. “Cool is As Cool Does” is an example of a contribution by The Writer, from the never to be finished novel Duffy’s Not Here. From time to time he will be making contributions to the site.


2 responses to “About

  1. Looking good, JJ.
    Stick more pictures into your posts – helps break up the text and easier to read. I know you probably want to tell me where to stick something! Bah!

  2. stick what? and there’s new school -flash and fancy and forgotten- and old school-talent which gets better with age, or is delusional enough to think that way.

    as always, time will tell . . . . .

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